What is this about?

We want to talk about radical topics like anarchism, feminism and biocentrism, because these topics aren't represented in the mainstream discourse. That's why we write and translate zines.

Radical theory should not be professionalized: whoever wants to should be able to create their own radical theory for their particular circumstances!

You can find all of our zines on our GitLab . They are free and open-source, so that you can edit and reproduce them as you please.

What is a “spink”

A short nap, a snoozlet, a slumbertwinkle... :3


We give out (distribute) zines to people and don't want money for it.

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Our zines

Version number beginning with 0 means that we don't consider the zine finished, it may contain errors.
Zines translated into other languages are standalone projects. Not all zines are available in all languages.

Life Without Law, an introduction to anarchist politics. Anarchist A.

Life Without Law

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

An anarchist is someone who rejects the domination of one person or class of people over another. Anarchism is a very broad umbrella term for a group of political philosophies that are based on the idea that we can live as anarchists. We anarchists want a world without nations, governments, capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia… without any of the numerous, intersecting systems of domination the world bears the weight of today.

There is no single perfect expression of anarchism, because anarchism is a network of ideas instead of a single dogmatic philosophy. And we quite prefer it that way.